Because of my sports ambitions I started studying in Germany (Aachen) which was so close to my home town that I could combine university and a starting sports career. Developing myself continuously was and still is in my nature and curiosity lead me to quite different positions in different type of companies. Working for multinational companies I had the opportunity to meet many different cultures worldwide which enriched and broadened my view on life.

A great and sometime tough journey so far that made me the person I am today. It’s the similarities between top-sport and business that still strikes me most and form a basis for the insights I gained and I would like to share with any open-minded person.

In 2017 I felt I should start sharing these insights how being a relaxed person and valuable team player will bring you more: more fun, more energy, better performance, more rewarding and more time for others.

One of my personal drivers is to support others delivering the best they can in line with their personal ambitions including work-live balance. And indeed sometimes the most valuable conclusion is that your own ambition doesn’t match your organizations ambition, but is that a problem? No, it’s an opportunity to become a happy person and an inspiration for your personal environment at work as well as in private life!

Initially LEAN was the missing link I was looking for. By transferring the LEAN mindset to others I truly believe I can help many people ánd organisations reducing one of the most burning platforms nowadays : stress!

Only one year later Harada crossed my path and added an even bigger opportunity in teaching how to maximize people’s potential!

It’s my ambition to guide people and teams growing their potential getting in a Flow!


“Growing Your Potential!”

Applying the Harada method willeach you how to realize whatever goal you wish to realize by changing habits and at the same time

Each one of us uses certain personal values that we would like to create in life like for instance pleasure, focus, performance, balance, effectiveness, excitement and many more. Take your own top 5 most important values and rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 : where are you on the values that are so important to you?

Any score below the maximum score of 10 contains the promise that you did not reach your maximum potential yet , which is great because it means there is still an opportunity for growth!

Harada will provide a methodology to you will guide you to your behavioural pitfalls. It will stretch you (if you allow yourself to grow) in order to focus on your goals, growing your potential. But as a prerequisite there is the need for balance in your life. You will apply Harada not only to a goal you would like to achieve, you will take your life into account because that’s the only way to achieve balance, And that’s why Harada is more than just a methodology: it’s a way of living!