“To do or not to do thát’s the question!”

By creating the insight how to reduce your workload (stress), while at the same time increasing your performance, you will become a “Relaxed High Performer”. Flow-How will be supporting those people believing that the only way to achieve Sustainable (!) High Performance is to have “relaxed” teams.

High Performing Teams require vital and engaged people that are in control over what they (should) do. FLOW-HOW contributes to the control of your own and your team’s activities that need to be done in order to increase the Added Value by improving the awareness about what nót to do.

By making this change you will start creating the room to do the things that dó matter, reducing the stress that is created by the workload of things that do nót matter.

The Flow-How LEAN approach can be best characterized by a ‘person oriented’ rather than process oriented approach, which makes the difference changing behaviors. Because even with the best Tools , Organisation or Processes (TOP) the wrong Behaviors still can “make or break” you so Be on TOP!



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