Did you ever consider to compare your team with a high performing sports team? Or did you just read books about high performing business organizations? Every day is an opportunity to start this comparison. Why? Because it is not only fun to do, but it is also challenging , it will open some eyes and it will make ‘hidden’ situations visible. At least if you are willing to challenge yourself?! Having a background in football at high performing level the comparison is so obvious and gave me insights that I use nowadays as a LEAN Black Belt. I have to share it with anyone willing to listen.

So let’s start with today’s session number 1: ‘high performing’ sport teams do not start their game with injured players, makes sense, doesn’t it? So now my 1st question to you: how many players with a physical or mental ‘injury’ started to play in your team today? What?! You don’t know? So how can you expect your team to be ‘high performing’ today?

I believe and experienced that LEAN can become a very interesting means of improving your personal and team performance in your organization simply by applying this analogy (and understanding the differences).

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